FPSAC/SFCA is a series of annual international conferences on Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics (Séries Formelles et Combinatoire Algébrique), first held in Lille (France) in 1988.

The continuing success of this series stems in part from its considerable interdisciplinary breadth, linking leading researchers in combinatorics with mathematicians in allied fields drawn from pure mathematics, applied mathematics, theoretical computer science, physics, and biology. The principal topics featured during FPSAC conferences are algebraic and enumerative combinatorics and their applications and relations with other areas of mathematics, physics, biology and computer science. This interdisciplinary nature is reinforced by the choice of plenary speakers.

FPSAC emphasizes inclusiveness among participants and seeks to draw substantial participation from groups which have been traditionally underrepresented in the mathematical sciences, as well as to promote international participation. The changing conference location and line-up of plenary speakers are thoughtfully chosen to support this agenda, as well as the publication of extended abstracts of all accepted submissions.

Submitted contributions to FPSAC are judged by the FPSAC Program Committee on their scientific merit in the broadest sense of the word. Scientific merit includes quality of submissions, diversity of topics, geographic and gender balance, and the need to provide students and early career mathematicians the opportunity to present their work. Considerations of a non-scientific nature do not play a role in the selection of contributed talks and posters.

A key and distinguishing feature of FPSAC conferences is the strong tradition of fostering the next generation of algebraic and enumerative combinatorialists. To recognize and encourage outstanding junior mathematicians, the conference

  1. makes a special effort to have talented junior researcher represented in the scientific program;
  2. reserves at least one plenary lecture to an “emerging” star;
  3. awards a best-student prize annually.

FPSAC is an important platform for researchers of all generations to mix, network, and to discuss their work. For these reasons, FPSAC strongly encourages in-person participation at its conferences. Though the aim is for presentations to be in-person, FPSAC recognizes that there are people who cannot travel due to structural and/or personal circumstances.