FPSAC/SFCA is a series of annual international conferences on Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics (Séries Formelles et Combinatoire Algébrique), first held in Lille (France) in 1988.

The continuing success of this series stems in part from its considerable interdisciplinary breadth, linking leading researchers in combinatorics with mathematicians in allied fields drawn from pure mathematics, applied mathematics, theoretical computer science, physics, and biology. This is unique among international conferences with an emphasis on combinatorial mathematics.

The principal topics featured during FPSAC conferences are algebraic and enumerative combinatorics and their applications and relations with other areas of mathematics, physics, biology and computer science. This interdisciplinary nature is reinforced by the choice of plenary speakers.

A second distinguishing characteristic of FPSAC conferences is the concerted effort to recognize and encourage outstanding young mathematicians. This is achieved by ensuring that at least one plenary speaker is an “emerging” star, by making special efforts to have talented young researchers represented among the contributed talks and posters, and by annualy awarding a best-student prize.

A third distinguishing characteristic of the FPSAC conferences is to emphasize inclusiveness among participants. The conference seeks to draw substantial participation from groups which have been traditionally under-represented in the mathematical sciences, as well as to promote international participation; both English and French have been designated as official languages for the conferences.