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an update on FPSAC 2021

UPDATE June 16, 2021:

The dates of the FPSAC ‘21 conference are

Conference website:

ANNOUNCMENT on April 30, 2021:

Dear colleagues and friends of FPSAC,

Due to the worldwide pandemic and its consistent but unexpected influence on flights, we are forced to announce that FPSAC ‘21 will NOT take place as a physical meeting on July 5-9, 2021.

Instead, a two-component conference is planned. It will consist of an IN-PERSON component in the forthcoming winter, which will take place at Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel, and a VIRTUAL component at an earlier date. The submissions accepted to FPSAC ‘21 will be split between the components, after coordination with the authors. More details will be announced as soon as they are available.

The FPSAC Executive Committee will soon be calling for proposals for organizing the virtual component of the conference. Details on this matter will follow soon.

Recognizing the fine work resulting in so many great submissions, and the completion of the refereeing and selection process, the Conference Proceedings will be published as planned. The volume will include the lectures and poster presentations that were accepted for the conference. Submission of abstracts for FPSAC ‘22 will open with a clean slate.

Sincerely yours, Ron Adin, Yuval Roichman, and Uzi Vishne FPSAC ‘21 Organizing Committee co-chairs